Data Protection Conformity of IPMA PMC website


1. Scope

The website www.ipmapmc.com (WEBSITE) is operated by IPMA registered in Zürich. The WEBSITE is intended for people who have access to it. The WEBSITE and its general terms and conditions of use are in compliance with the legal regulations of Switzerland. People who access the WEBSITE (USERS) agree to the following terms and conditions and, in particular, accept the provisions outlined in the responsibility waiver (Paragraph 8).

2. Changes to terms and conditions of use

Changes to the present general terms and conditions of use may be made at any time without prior notification and shall become immediately effective as soon as they are published on the present WEBSITE.

3. Access and availability

The USER has no legal entitlement to access the present WEBSITE nor to the faultless technical availability of the WEBSITE. IPMA may suspend or limit access to the WEBSITE at any time without prior notification.

4. Contents

The contents of the present WEBSITE (CONTENTS) are intended to provide information of a solely general nature pertaining to IPMA and the services provided by IPMA, as well as project management information. The information contained on the present WEBSITE pertaining to services offered by IPMA in no way constitutes a binding proposal or offer of services to the USER.

  • Modifications
    All of the CONTENTS of the present WEBSITE may be modified, expanded or removed by IPMA at any time without prior notification.
  • Third party contents
    In specially indicated areas, the WEBSITE offers third parties the possibility to publish their own contributions. The contents of such contributions are exclusively the responsibility of the author(s).
  • Interactive contents
    In the case of use of the interactive services offered on the present WEBSITE, such as the sending of e-cards, the USER is solely responsible for contents transmitted by herself or himself. The transmission of unethical or illicit material, as well as the transmission of data to addressees unknown to the USER (e.g. the distribution of advertising material) is strictly prohibited. IPMA reserves the right to omit contents contributed by USERS without notifying the USER and without declaring the reasons for such an omission.
  • Links
    The present WEBSITE contains links to the websites of other providers. These links are solely intended to enhance the user-friendliness of the WEBSITE and in no way represent approval of another website. In principle, IPMA accepts no responsibility for the websites of other providers. Consequently, the activation of links by USERS is solely at their own risk.

5. Data protection

  • Usage data
    When USERS access the WEBSITE, IPMA records usage date (log files) of an impersonal nature. This anonymous information is evaluated for statistical purposes.
  • Personal data
    IPMA saves and processes the USER’s personal information solely for the purposes for which the USER originally provided such data. Personal information is not passed on to third parties. Personal information will not be linked to usage data or to any other data acquired by IPMA.IPMA is a international federation of project management associations. By using the WEBSITE and its services, the USER agrees to his or her data being provided to other members of the group and processed by them. This may be done not only to satisfy the purpose designated by IPMA, but also for group accounting and reporting, for optimising IT services and for marketing purposes. In doing so, IPMA guarantees that it will comply with the principles of Swiss data protection law or ensure an equivalent level of protection outside of Switzerland. Regardless of whether IPMA itself or other group members store and/or process the USER’s data, their employees may not examine or process the data unless this is necessary to perform their duties.

6. Data security and confidentiality

Data transmitted unencrypted in an open network may be seen, changed or deleted by unauthorized third parties. Consequently, the transmission of all data from or to the WEBSITE occurs at the sole risk of the USER.

7. Copyright

All CONTENTS are protected by trademark, patent and copyright laws, as well as all other laws for the protection of intellectual property, and remain the property of IPMA. The rights of third parties are reserved.

The USER may display, save, print or copy the CONTENTS solely for private use. In this process, the CONTENTS must not be modified by the USER, and all references to copyright and trademark laws must be preserved. Any additional use of the CONTENTS or of parts thereof requires the prior written consent of IPMA.

In particular, the following are strictly forbidden without the prior consent of IPMA:

  • The dissemination, transmission, revision or reproduction, in any form whatsoever, of the CONTENTS or parts thereof, for commercial purposes.
  • The publication of the CONTENTS or parts thereof in any form whatsoever, as well as the publication in any form whatsoever of any works derived therefrom, which are essentially based on the CONTENTS or parts thereof, also for non-commercial purposes.
  • The linking of other websites to the CONTENTS or parts thereof.

8. Liability waiver

IPMA examines the CONTENTS in terms of the correctness and currency of its information. However, IPMA does not guarantee the correctness, currency or completeness of the CONTENTS. IPMA accepts no liability for any damages to the USER or to third parties resulting from the use of the CONTENTS.

In addition, IPMA does not guarantee that the WEBSITE is free of viruses or other harmful components and accepts no liability for damages to the USER or to third parties resulting from such components.

9. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The present terms and conditions of use are governed solely by Swiss law. In the case where one or more of the present terms and conditions of use is or becomes wholly or partially inoperative as a result of legal regulations, directives or changes to legislation, all of the remaining terms and conditions of use shall remain in force and the effective regulation most similar in nature to the purpose of the inoperative regulation shall come into effect. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich.

10. Email newsletter

USERS only receive email  from IPMA if they have actively given their consent. USERS can amend or cancel their newsletter subscription at any time. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the newsletter.

IPMA cannot, however, guarantee or take responsibility for how well USER data is protected during processing. There are therefore no explicit or implied guarantees or assertions of any kind provided in relation to the information or services associated with the email newsletter. In particular, IPMA accepts no liability for direct or indirect damage of any kind that might arise in connection with usage of the email newsletter by USERS and/or third parties. This disclaimer also applies to defects of title and/or possible non-compliance with legal regulations. USERS assume full responsibility and risk for the use of their data.

USERS who provide their email address to register for an event will receive an email confirming their registration. Furthermore, IPMA reserves the right to contact USERS via email for the purposes of quality assurance and the further development of its events. It is possible to unsubscribe from this email communication at any time.